We were the unthanked, doing the unnecessary for the ungrateful, and led by the unqualified

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During the 1970s and even into the early 80s the use of force policies differed greatly than they did later on while American forces were in the Philippines. Dogs were actually used quite extensively for various purposes. These utilizations ranged from explosive detection, to drug prevention and in many cases to actual use against human beings.
It wasn't uncommon for a dog handler or even Resources Protection troop to find himself on International Hold while a court case was pending downtown. Often, one or more intruders would come on base, get caught and dog bitten, then go back downtown and sue the offending handler for attempting to murder him. I never saw a case where anything came of it, but this was normal practice for released intruders.
As you read through the pages you will note a few things. My personal story is mentioned, along with what I hope to be many other personal bios. I have included a tribute page to one of my comrades and colleagues who was killed in the performance of his duties. If nothing else, please take a moment to read through the Bob Gray Dedication Section.

A Great deal of thanks is extended to the family of Bob Gray; specifically his brother Ken, and his wife Cynthia who provided me with the photos to help honor Bob's memory.

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It has come to our attention that handlers assigned to tropical regions around the world were exposed to a chemical called malathion, which was highly prevalent in the dip solution we used for tick control. If you were in these tropical areas, i.e., The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, etc., and you suffer from symptoms that you think are related, contact your local VA office immediately.


1. The Handlers 13. Bill Louk's K-9 Dedication
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10. Clark Air Base Now 22. Comments by Bob Gray's brother KEN
11. Directory (E-Mail Addresses) 23. Letters & Comments to the Gray Family
12. Septenber 11th, 2001 24. Toast to Bob Gray on Jan 6th 1999.

The 1970s Clark Air Base K-9 Guestbook


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