The Philippines

The Philippines. While opinions from folks stationed at Clark varied greatly when it came to many topics, one of the things that most will agree to is that the Philippines is one of the most beautiful places they've ever seen. While flying across the countryside the different and vibrant shades of greens, set in against the towering mountain ranges of the Zambales to the west, the Sierra Madres to the northeast and Cordilleras to the north present a striking portrait. The sprawling rivers, rice paddies and other bodies of water all contribute to the country's beauty and uniqueness.

Photo set courtesy of Monty and Cathy Moore

The photo below is believed to be of Mount Arayat which is located about forty miles to the east of Clark. This is an extinct volcano and not the one responsible for wiping out Clark in 1991.

The below photo is of one of the mountain ranges surrounding Clark Air Base.

The following set of pictures is of Baguio, the surrounding area and the ever present rice terraces.